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Our group leverages deep connections in the mobile, real estate, and tech sectors to develop high–ROI communication solutions for an increasingly connected world.

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Tower Development
Marconi Does
Tower Development.

Marconi works with key personnel in mobile carriers, helping to identify potential tower sites. Sites are then creatively vetted for highest revenue potentials. Once vetted, Marconi plays a pivotal role in the sourcing of construction assets while managing the build.

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Tower Services
Marconi Does
Tower Services.

It’s more than just a structure. Marconi offers end to end solutions for the management of tower properties, including actively sourcing additional tenants for improved revenue streams. Carriers can work on delivering services while Marconi maintains key infrastructure assets, always with an eye towards increasing site revenue.

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IOT Deployment
Marconi Does
IOT Deployment.

Marconi is thrilled by our partnership with IOT giant SigFox. SigFox provides the network and the cutting edge low–drain/high–powered chipsets. Marconi packages this technology to the end–user in convenient and creative ways including applications in the agricultural, commercial, and residential spaces.

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How is Marconi harnessing the power of the IOT? What Makes Marconi Different?
We Think Big. Marconi, using SIGFOX technology, reaches new verticals that were previously untouchable due to power and usability restrictions.
Q: How does Marconi integrate its different ventures?
A: We use IOT integrations to bring down the build and operating costs of our tower development operations.

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